Protesters took to the streets in March for International Women's Day. (Photo: Amy Seaborn)

Through our eyes: how young women see the world

In a Hatch video series What Concerns Us, Indi Brummelen speaks to young women
about the issues that matter to them. In part one: sexual harassment.

One in two women experience some form of sexual harassment in their lifetime, according to the Australian Human Rights Commission.

In the last five years, 39 per cent of women were victims of sexual harassment in the workplace, with men being the main perpetrators of this misbehaviour.

And it’s not okay.  Women, especially young women entering the workforce, want to feel safe and treated equally.

But how often is this the case?

Does the common phrase “boys will be boys” excuse disgusting behaviour?  Is there an obvious difference between harmless flirting and harassment?

In the first instalment of What Concerns Us?, several young women sit down and discuss their feelings about sexual harassment and what needs to be done to eliminate lewd behaviour towards women.