Blacksmiths at work. (Photo: Rabia Khairi)

Over forge and fire, blacksmiths keep ancient art alive

Blacksmiths from around the world have gathered in Melbourne to showcase their skills at the Waterside Blacksmith Metal Art Festival.

Blacksmithing was a crucial trade for centuries before advancements in technology put them largely out of business.

Still, there are plenty of devotees to the hammer and forge who continue to shape metal through the use of heat, tools and physical force.

The director of Waterside Metal Studio, Steve Philips Estebaan, organised the event so blacksmiths could “get together, laugh and share some special moments.”

Check out the video above to see the blacksmiths at work.

An aspiring blacksmith. (Photo: Rabia Khairi)
A team at the main tent working on a contemporary sculpture. (Photo: Rabia Khairi)