How Sex and the City stays relevant 20 years on

The names alone – Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda – are enough to conjure a million Manhattan memories.

And what memories they are: of Manolo Blahnik pumps, Cosmopolitan cocktails and 90’s feminism that still resonates 20 years later.

An adaption of the stories of a real-life New York columnist Candace Bushnell, HBO’s Sex and the City introduced four distinctly different gal pals and charted their journey through life in the Big Apple. Further down the track, a pair of movies pushed the franchise out of the brick-phone era and into the noughties.

Over the past 10 years, rumours of salary disputes and clique-drama on set have tarnished the reputation of the formidable on-screen girl gang.

Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrell have done the characters of Carrie and Samantha proud with their current social media feud. With SJP and Kristin Davis (Charlotte) pushing for the next movie to go ahead but Cattrell posting on social media that she has been against SATC3 since 2006, it seems there will be no reunion in the forseeable future.

In March of this year, boss babe Cynthia Nixon (Miranda) announced she is running for New York State Governor, in a move that is soooo Miranda. Nixon has been involved in politics, LGBTQI and education activism for years and will run in a Democratic primary this September.

Millennials like us are ready to lap up a third movie and still indulge in 20-year old fashion, quotes and themes – but we’ve never really asked ourselves why until now.

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