Feeling ‘like a kid again’ at Moomba

Australia’s largest free community event celebrates another Moomba long weekend. Crowds from all over Australia take advantage of the Labour Day long weekend to celebrate Melbourne’s CBD and all the exciting attractions Moomba has to offer.

The event runs over 4 days, stretching along the Yarra River and featuring a number of attractions. The community event appeals to all ages with a variety of carnival games and rides, food, entertainment and sporting events.

Friday saw water skiers skilfully glide along the Yarra River. Parents spectate while their children practice their kick flips at the skate park before an all-ages skate competition in the afternoon.

First time attendee Ioanna Nasiakos was ‘blown away’ by the sheer volume of games, rides and things to see and do.

“I can see why it is a long weekend event,” she said. “I’m originally from the States and am glad to be here tonight with my cousin and friends. There is no way you can enjoy everything in one night.”

“I didn’t think it would be this good when I was told about it but I will definitely be back next year. I feel like I’m a kid again and can just have a good time with family and friends. It’s hard to get through the crowds but we are having fun so it’s worth it.”

Best friend and cousin Nicole Parker says she hasn’t been for years and has noticed how much the event has evolved.

“It brings nostalgia from my childhood with all the food trucks and candy stalls as well as the rides and the crowds,” she said.  “The wait time to try anything or go on anything is the same but I guess that’s what adds to the atmosphere of Moomba.”

The 64th annual event, true to its reputation had thousands attend over the long weekend. Rides, games and food trucks had lines as far as the eye could see. Nerf guns, hooks and basketballs and other ball games proved popular as many of these booths saw crowds lined up along both sides of the river.

The iconic Moomba parade is always a crowd pleaser with a performances including dance, colourful oversized floats and a fireworks showcase.

“Water-ski championships on the Yarra River”
“All ages practising at the Riverslide Skate Park”
“Young talent gearing up to compete”
“Children to adults line up to enjoy the variety of rides”
“Capturing lasting memories at Melbourne’s 64th annual Moomba event”
“Moomba’s silent disco drawing in a crowd”
“Moomba is bringing back all your childhood festival memories”
“Food truck lovers haven”
“Many cuisines to choose from but keeping true to the traditional burgers, hot dogs and cup of chips”
“Nerf gun stall proves popular as contenders concentrate on winning big”
“He shoots he scores!”
“First time at Moomba, Ioanna Nasiakos takes competitive to the next level as she has her sights set on the giant Husky stuff toy.”

Photo Credit- Liela Boyd